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CæsuraThe Journal of the Poetry Center San José, 
www.pcsj.org ISBN 978-0-9850301-6-2 Library of Congress Number: 2018959562
illustrated pages vii, viii, 3, 6  


2018 news

, The Journal of the Poetry Center San José, 
www.pcsj.org ISBN 978-0-9850301-6-2 Library of Congress Number: 2018959562
illustrated p. vii, viii, 3, 6  DEC 2018

Stone Canoe 12 
A Journal of Arts, Literature and Social Commentary
Number 12, Downtown Writers Center, Syracuse, NY 2018

50 Haikus
Volume 1, Issue 13
Prolific Press, Johnstown, PA

Made in NY 2018
group exhibiton
Schweinfurth Art Center
Auburn, NY APR - JUN


"Visual Artist Jen Pepper Molds & Shapes Language"

Profile piece . Text by Katherine Rushworth
photos by Michelle Gabel, Central New York Magazine, March/April 2011, illus. p.139-148 
© 2011 The Post-Standard. All rights reserved. Used with permission of The Post-Standard, Syracuse, New York 

Sculpture Magazine MARCH 2011 Vol.30 No.2 review

REVIEW in Sculpture, March 2011 Vol. 30 No.2, a publication of the International Sculpture Center, Washington, D.C. illus. p.68-69 

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